Verily, the things of which democracy is made of: soporific WGN host Milt Rosenberg is UNDER ATTACK from angry angry Obama supporters, thus depriving Chicago of one of its best insomnia cures. You can hear the results here. I get no pleasure in saying the only person who comes out unscathed is guest Stanley Kurtz, who actually makes an attempt to discuss the only interesting thing about the Obama/Ayers connection–the mostly separate role they played in local public schools. Milt cuts him off to talk about the angry Obama supporters, but it was a nice try.

If anyone from the Obama campaign is reading this: it’s not working. You’re not going to convince Milt. Seriously. Because he’s a huge tool.

Also, this (from the Obama camp’s how-to-yell-at-Milt e-mail) is… well, just skip it next time:

• LIE: “When Veteran Cook County Boss John Stroger faced a strong and credible challenge in the 2006 primary election from a reform-minded liberal Democrat, Obama said nothing…Obama’s silence had probably saved Cook County’s political kingpin.” [pp. 8, 14]

• TRUTH: Obama’s Neutrality Sent “A Silent Signal” That Was Helpful To Claypool. [Chicago Sun-Times, 3/16/06]

I’m sending out a much more reasonable an e-mail to my supporters with one talking point: Dear Milt, please stop using the British spelling.

Update: Steve Rhodes also noticed the Silent Signal. Here would be a good time to plug the Moser Associates Group for Making Your Campaign Look Somewhat Less Foolish. I am cheaper than David Axelrod.