Devin Hoff
  • Bettina Escauriza
  • Devin Hoff

In the two years bassist Devin Hoff lived in Chicago he was a fairly ubiquitous presence around town, playing in countless ad hoc configurations and forming several ongoing projects he’s remained part of since leaving for Los Angeles in 2011. In April he’ll play with one of those bands, his trio with reedist Dave Rempis and drummer Mike Reed called Days After Next Wednesday, at the Hideout—you can check out a track by the group toward the bottom of this post. That’s just part of his wide-ranging monthlong residency here, which will be helmed by Monday-night gigs at the Skylark. The core of his visit comprises four performances (including one in Milwaukee) by a relatively new band, the Devin Hoff Bastet, that includes a couple of strong colleagues (drummer Darrell Green and tenor saxophonist Howard Wiley) from his days in the Bay Area, along with Chicago alto saxophonist Nick Mazzarella.