A still from Snow Globe
  • A still from “Snow Globe”

A couple of years ago I wrote a profile of Kent Lambert, who records crafty, elaborate electro-pop under the name Roommate. Today Lambert e-mailed me to remind me that his group’s new album, Guilty Rainbow, comes out in early spring on local label Antephonic.

He also reminded me that he has a history of making experimental films and let me know that he’s applied some of those techniques to a video for the Roommate song “Snow Globe.” The clip combines Lambert’s taste for lush, psychedelic bum-out jams and his love for 16-bit video-game imagery: he’s edited together animations from Super Nintendo games and clips from some cheap-looking film. Describing the finished product, he writes, “If you’ve ever wanted to see Bazaar Bear from Donkey Kong Country lip-sync over Mellotron, vibraphone, and a 70s-soul type rhythm section, here’s your ticket.”