Eamon Daly’s Things My Beard Can Lift is an increasingly harrowing fund-raiser for West Garfield Park’s Off the Street Club, for which the hirsute Daly hoists ever larger objects attached to his frighteningly bushy mug. For every $100 donated he adds another pound. His last attempt at a 32-pound Gary Fisher mountain bike brought the total up to $3,243. The goal is to hit $5,000 before the beard gets ripped from his face.

Appetizing? No. But those cupcakes are.

Baking for the Taking owners Marisa Martinez and Table Fifty-Two pastry chef Leslie Morris have created these commemorative beard cupcakes and will donate $10 to the cause for every dozen sold. No actual hair will be used in the their creation, and orders will be taken with the customer’s choice of cake and icing–six of each. The offer’s good until Saturday, but this Friday the 13th Daly will lift the weight tallied to date in flour and other bakery staples.

Beard cakes are $20 a dozen and can be ordered by calling the bakery at 773-951-5025.