• Kvelertak will not be performing at this event.

Sorry to add to the crowding on the Chicago Craft Beer Week schedule—there are hundreds upon hundreds of events there already—but the Reader and Binny’s are partnering up for something called “Beer & Music” on Thursday, May 23. Specifically, beer manager Adam Vavrick of the Lincoln Park store has invited me to join him in conducting an experiment in synesthesia and intoxication—we’ll each be pairing four beers with favorite songs from our record collections.

You may have noticed that in my Beer and Metal column I frequently resort to execrable puns and other forms of wordplay in order to segue between whatever beer I’m discussing and whatever metal I feel like posting. (Last week, for instance, I reviewed three Ballast Point beers, and because they’re all named after seagoing fish, I included a couple of song streams from German band the Ocean.) Fear not, though—I won’t be relying on that kind of connection here. I don’t want to give away the specifics, but I’m at least attempting to find beers that taste like certain songs sound. If that makes any sense.