I admit, it’s a bit soon to be reviewing another beer from Pipeworks Brewing—their Abduction Imperial Stout occupied this space just six weeks ago. But at FOBAB I chatted briefly with Pipeworks’ Beejay Oslon, and he told me that Citra Ninja, which the brewery had just released, is his favorite creation so far. That was enough to get my attention, since I’d picked the beer upon which it’s based—the double IPA Ninja vs. Unicorn—for the Reader‘s 2012 Best of Chicago issue in June.

Besides, Pipeworks has shipped at least 26 varieties of beer since starting production in late February. On account of I need decent pictures and plenty of notes for these posts, I’m effectively restricted to beers in bottles (as opposed to on tap only) so I can review them at home, and I’ve got to find one worth talking about pretty much every week. An extravagant rate of innovation like that provides a lot of low-hanging fruit.