It can take a while for big events to hit their stride (Chicago Gourmet, for example). In its first year Beer Hoptacular was less than spectacular, its beer offerings fine but generally unimpressive. The second year, the festival added a bunch of breweries to the lineup, but the Aragon Ballroom was so packed with people that it was hard to get to any of them. This year the event—actually three separate sessions, each featuring 60-odd breweries and more than 140 beers—moved to the Riverfront Theater, a 20,000-square-foot temperature-controlled tent tucked between the Tribune Freedom Center and the river. It’s not actually much bigger than the Aragon, but arranging the booths around the outer edge of the tent left the middle open for attendees to move around and relieved congestion. It was still a little crowded, but at least it was possible to get to all the booths, and most didn’t have much of a line.