Yesterday local rapper Keith Cozart, aka Chief Keef, went to Cook County Jail to serve a 20-day sentence for failing a drug test; Cozart tested positive for marijuana, which violates his 18-month probation, which stems from a speeding ticket he received in May. The news quickly became TMZ fodder given the MC’s notoriety, which often eclipses the reason Cozart is an SEO goldmine in the first place—that he’s a popular rapper. In fact, one piece of information curiously missing from a number of reports on Cozart’s new stint in prison is the fact that he released his second mixtape of the year, Almighty So, less than a week ago*.

While I don’t expect, say, court reporters to keep their eyes glued to the home page of DatPiff, outlets such as Billboard and MTV should have at least mentioned that the musician who is making headlines for something other than his music also happened to release new music around the same time. Unfortunately it looks like these days Cozart is better known for being troubled than for the very thing that’s made his illegal activities newsworthy in the first place. Sure, Almighty So is a bit slapdash and Cozart’s mush-mouthed rapping reaches new levels of incoherence—but that’s not always a bad thing, and the dude’s performance on “Salty” is strong when it sounds like he recorded his Auto-Tuned mumbling between taking bites out of a peanut-butter sandwich. But despite all its faults Almighty So is still a mixtape, and it’s an indicator that Cozart actually does the work that’s part of his job title (aka “rap”) instead of being just some celebrity who is only famous for testing the law’s limits. Stream Almighty So below to hear the evidence of Cozart’s career:

*DNAinfo Chicago, however, did mention that Cozart “now goes by ‘Almighty So.'”

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