• Julia Thiel
  • Mindy Segal’s carrot cake with cheesecake and walnut bar with coconut sorbet

There’s bad news and good news: the bad news is that we’re unable to share this week’s Key Ingredient recipe, for Mindy Segal’s carrot cake and cheesecake with coconut sorbet, walnut “candy bar,” butterscotch, and toasted quinoa, with sorghum syrup worked into nearly every element. I did try to get it. I asked nicely, coaxed, cajoled, you name it—everything short of begging. (I have to draw the line somewhere.) No luck. Which is really too bad, because it was absolutely delicious. The good news? It’s currently on the menu at Hot Chocolate, so you can still taste it. It’s $12, but I’d say it’s worth it.