The album art for the score to indie video game Kentucky Route Zero: Act IV

Former Chicagon Ben Babbitt knocked me out with his 2014 score for the third act of Kentucky Route Zero, a magical-realist video game by Chicago indie developer Cardboard Computer. The fourth act came out last month, which I learned when I got an e-mail from Bandcamp this weekend alerting me to the release of Babbitt’s score for it. It’s immersive, largely instrumental, and suffused with wistfulness and mystery—I’ve listened to it several times a day all week.

I’m particularly fond of “My Light Heaven,” a wafting number that juxtaposes chintzy lounge percussion and a synth melody that sounds like it’s played on a retrofuturistic ersatz ukulele. I’ve yet to play Kentucky Route Zero—I spend enough time in front of a computer as it is—but this radiant, bittersweet song has almost persuaded me to give the game a try.