As you might have gathered from this shoddily shot Vine we posted to Twitter, on Monday night we finished up our 2013 Best of Chicago issue and sent it off to be printed and stapled somewhere closeish to the center fold.

Nestled within its pages: 264 of your picks for the best things in Chicago, plus 164 of our critics’ picks for Chicago’s best things. To save you the effort of doing math, that’s 428 restaurants to try, places to shop, plays to see, bands to hear, cocktails to sip, and aldermen to not spit at when you see them on the street. Basically, you’re busy until next June.

The print version will be on stands Thursday (Wednesday evening some places) and the whole thing goes online on Wednesday at 3 PM. In the meantime, we’re going to let a few of the winners slip. We’re generally good at keeping secrets, but all these winners are burning holes in our little pockets. Or something.

On Wednesday, we’ll be periodically posting links to both readers’ picks and critics’ picks hours before the issue goes live. All you have to do? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook. Or both. In the spirit of the issue, you should know we’re doing this because we think you’re the best.