What’s the best pizza in Chicago? It’s a loaded question, I know. Are we talking deep-dish or thin crust? If it’s thin crust, is it cracker style or New York style? Are you guys mad at me that I even brought up New York style? You’re not going to hold a grudge, are you?

Anyway, we all have opinions—because you know what opinions are like—especially about the important stuff in our city, and that’s why every year we ask you to weigh in anew by filling out a Best of Chicago ballot.

(For the record, last year you guys said Lou Malnati’s has the best pizza; don’t shoot the messenger, people who disagree.)

We’re doing things a little differently this year to make the experience of telling us all of your favorite things in Chicago all the more delightful. For instance, we used to have something like 250 categories for you to vote in. TOO MANY CATEGORIES. You don’t have all day. Or maybe you do, but now you can vote in 140 categories, and then go get a sandwich or something. (Last year Jerry’s had the best sandwich, FYI.) Then check back on 4/29 when a final round of balloting commences in 20 hotly contested races. Make sure you have the final say and not that a-hole with his bag on the seat on the train this morning.

And, no, we’re not too proud to bribe—so one lucky voter is going to walk away with a pair of tickets to our Key Ingredient Cook-Off on 5/22. (Here’s a supersexy vid of last year’s event.)

The first round of voting ends at noon on 4/15. It’ll be here before you know it so vote now!