• How I Ended the Summer

The Chicago International Film Festival has released its “Best of the Fest” lineup, which gives viewers a chance to see some of the year’s best stuff on one night. Screening this Wednesday, October 20, at River East 21: Aleksei Popogrebsky’s Russian feature How I Ended the Summer, which took the Gold Hugo (8 PM); Hans Petter Moland’s Norwegian Feature A Somewhat Gentle Man (7:45 PM); Jorge Michel Grau’s Mexican horror film We Are What We Are (9 PM); Mahamat-Saleh Haroun’s Chadean drama A Screaming Man (6 PM); Daniel Burman’s Argentinean drama Brother & Sister (5:45 PM); Avi Nesher’s Israeli drama The Matchmaker (6:30 PM); Marek Lechki’s Polish thriller Erratum (5:30 PM); James Rasin’s documentary Beautiful Darling (8:40 PM); Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel’s documentary Louder Than a Bomb (6:30 PM); the shorts program Together Apart (8:30 PM); Hideyuki Hirayama’s Japanese drama Sword of Desperation (8 PM); Renet Feret’s French historical drama Nannerl, Mozart’s Sister (6:15 PM); Hilda Hidalgo’s Colombian drama Of Love and Other Demons (8:30 PM); and Best of Intercom, a program of “corporate, branded, educational, and interactive multimedia films” (6 PM).