Counting down to our Year in Review issue, we present our picks in a variety of genres, wrapping up on December 27 with the year’s worst movies.

This time tomorrow: the year’s best SF/fantasy film.

  • Beneath the Blindfold

Beneath the Blindfold Directed by Kartemquin Films proteges Kathy Berger and Ines Sommer, this locally produced documentary makes a virtue of simplicity, allowing its subjects—four victims of government-sanctioned torture—to tell their stories free of emotionally manipulative or sensationalizing technique. It’s far more persuasive than a more “complex” looking movie would be; indeed the onscreen confessions can be almost too much to bear. But the unflinching approach encourages the spectator to confront the hard facts maturely, something most mainstream U.S. news outlets fail to do in their reporting on torture. —Ben Sachs