• Bane

This might be your last chance of the summer to take it easy, because while the first half of this week is a slow one for live music, things are blowing up for the rest of the season. And, sure, it’s not totally happening over the next couple of days, but that doesn’t mean this town is a total desert. After the jump there are a couple of awesome Soundboard pics to keep keep things exciting during the relaxing holiday week.

Tue 5/27: Bane at Beat Kitchen

Hardcore bros Bane are coming back to town. Kevin Warwick says, “There’s always gonna be something inspiring about a good group shout in earnest hardcore. For nearly two decades, Massachusetts band Bane—a name that will live forever emblazoned in varsity lettering on zip-up hoodies—have been reliable hands in an east-coast scene that hit its stride in the late 90s with the rejuvenation of straightedge hardcore. Their breakneck melodies and pinpoint breakdowns are the sound of circle pits full of arms a-flailin’, and front man Aaron Bedard spurs all-for-one sing-alongs like a frenzied motivational speaker with a touch of Ray Cappo in his voice.”

Wed 5/28: Destruction Unit at Township

Far-out psych collective Destruction Unit is on the road a lot, and one of the last times they came to town, Kevin Warwick said, “Destruction Unit—a band whose former members include Jay Reatard and Alicja Trout—has morphed since its founding in 2000 from more-or-less straightforward garage into sweeping desert rock inflected with Krautrock and psychedelia. The six enveloping songs of jamming fuzz and synth swashes on the Void LP are mostly loud and abrasive and dirty, but it’s their subtleties—distant bubbling murmurs of noise, faint guitar noodling—that make for the best hooks.”