• Dre Green

The first half of this week has a ton to offer as far as great shows go, and things kick off tonight with a free show at Wicker Park’s Emporium Arcade featuring Sandworm and local noise rockers Unmanned Ship; Lagwagon front man Joey Cape plays an acoustic gig at Gingerman Tavern tonight as well. On Tues 9/30, indie rockers Beach Fossils headline the Bottom Lounge while reformed black-metal outfit Liturgy play at Land & Sea Department. And on Wed 10/1, dance-pop singer La Roux is at Concord Music Hall whilePerfume Genius and Matteah Baim are at Lincoln Hall.

Mon 9/29: Earth at Empty Bottle

“Earth has always been a profoundly self-contained band: their long, droning, slower-than-comfortable jams are a world unto themselves,” says Monica Kendrick about the droney band. “It’s Dylan Carlson’s world, and while you’re welcome to come in, he won’t notice one way or the other. The 2005 addition of drummer Adrienne Davies as a full-time member enhanced this—she has her own air of complete focus and absorption that perfectly complements his. But the new Primitive and Deadly, their eighth studio full-length, is the most social record they’ve ever made; they even invite guests onto a few tracks, among them guitarist Brett Netson of Built to Spill. It’s also their first album in 18 years to use vocals; Rabia Shaheen Qazi (Rose Windows) adds folk-rock glamour to ‘From the Zodiacal Light’ with her clear, high croon, and Mark Lanegan (Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age) anchors ‘There Is a Serpent Coming’ and ‘Rooks Across the Gates’ with his leathery declamations.”

Tue 9/30: Il Sogno del Marinaio at Schubas

Minutemen legend Mike Watt comes to town with his newest band, Il Sogno del Marinaio. According to Peter Margasak, this project is, “Watt’s first sustained collective since Firehose in the mid-90s, as well as one of his edgiest, most artful bands since the Minutemen. The trio’s name means ‘the sailor’s dream’ in Italian (appropriate for Watt, who grew up in San Pedro, California, a town once filled with longshoremen), and the two Italians are best known for fiercely experimental work, though Pilia also appears on the latest record by Malian singer Rokia Traoré. On the recent Canto Secondo, Il Sogno del Marinaio play with form, interrupting hard-rock grooves with textural excursions or fractured, asymmetrical asides; all three musicians contribute tunes, giving the music an admirable variety.”

Wed 10/1: Dre Green at the Whistler

Leor Galil says about local R&B singer Dre Green and her debut EP Only One, “Her luxurious half-whispered vocals melt with the sensual songs’ phantasmal, foglike instrumental tracks, which hover and billow like translucent curtains around an ornate canopy bed. Except for the GTW’s So So Def-inspired ‘Neymar Night’ and Hawaiian Gardens’ slinky ‘Walk Right Through,’ everything is produced by Supreme Cuts or The-Drum, and they set the mood just right—on the haunting title track, Green invites her lover to stay home with her and listen to Jeremih’s Late Nights, and she makes it sound like the best possible way to spend an evening.”