David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand

  • Gary Isaacs
  • David Eugene Edwards of Wovenhand

I saw Sigur Ros for the first time last Tuesday. For those of you unfamiliar with the Icelandic postrock band’s live theater, it consists of massive video components (often projecting images of cliffs and/or rippling waves) and a cathartic light show—as the two showgoers who fainted right by me might have described it. And depending on your mood, the spectacle (and crescendo after crescendo) can either soak you in or make you scrounge around for any sort of makeshift pillow.

Personally, I’m on the side of the former and a pretty big sucker for floodlights, strobe lights, candles, Christmas lights, film screening backdrops, etc. Basically, if you’re inventive enough to pair a lighting and/or video mix with your live set—a craft that often results in more engaging onstage presence—I’m probably paying attention. And I know that one of the four Soundboard bands below at least used to incorporate floodlights into its live set (hint: it’s KEN Mode), but who knows about the others. Maybe pay the cover charge and find out.