• Princess Nokia

There are a whole bunch of shows going down this weekend, and even though a handful of the really good ones are already sold out (Black Lips, Waxahatchee, and two Lydia Loveless shows) there are still some great things to catch. Tonight there’s Daniel Bachman at Burlington and Sweater Beats with Different Sleep at Empty Bottle. Bobby Bare Jr. plays at Schubas tomorrow while a huge metal show that includes Behemoth and Inquisition is happening at House of Blues. Then there’s Detroit rapper and producer Black Milk at Subterranean. And all weekend long Moonrunners Music Festival is going down at Reggie’s, bringing tons of country acts to both of its venues.

And as always, there are even more hot Soundboard picks after the jump.

Thu 4/24: Princess Nokia at Berlin

New York rapper Princess Nokia is at Berlin tonight. “A Puerto Rican performer of Taino descent, she tackles club-banging beats with a nimble flow that recalls fellow NYC rappers Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj, giving the whole thing the giddily electrifying charge of a riot-grrrl band,” writes Miley Raymer. “Nokia performs at the one-year anniversary of Total Therapy, a monthly event that’s become the home base for Chicago’s avant-party scene.”

Fri 4/25: Lord Mantis at Cobra Lounge

Local extreme metal act Lord Mantis celebrates their record release this weekend at Cobra Lounge. Philip Montoro writes, “Chicago’s Lord Mantis don’t exactly play death metal—usually they sound more like a pissed-off steel mill—but they’ve got the ‘death’ part down. Or at least an antipathy to life: ‘Everything is just meat,’ bassist and front man Charlie Fell said in a recent interview, ‘living as part of some giant regurgitating machine that you’re just some fucking gear in.’ The band’s third full-length, Death Mask (Profound Lore), trudges and bludgeons more than it thrashes, its repetitions numbing and punishingly deliberate—these guys like to dig into one note at a time, diverging only momentarily, like a drill bit skipping out of the hole it’s chewing into an anvil.”

Sun 4/27: Loop at Bottom Lounge

An unlikely reunion, 80s and early 90s band Loop are back together and playing Bottom Lounge. “Now that Christine McVie has rejoined Fleetwood Mac, it seems disingenuous to act surprised by any rock reunion, but I’m still astonished that Loop is back. That’s because when singer-guitarist Robert Hampson broke up the band in 1991, he also abandoned rock altogether,” says Bill Meyer. “Main, his next group, quickly steamed away any semblance of song structure in pursuit of a languid, ambient essence; in recent years the former Londoner has moved to Paris, where he’s staged electroacoustic sound diffusions using the 80-speaker Acousmonium of the Group de Recherches Musicales. But during Loop’s five-year run, despite going through several lineups, Hampson managed an impressive fusion, reconciling two strains of rock that had previously seemed incompatible—the monomaniacal groove science of Can and the protopunk caterwaul of the Stooges.”