This week’s installment of the Empty Bottle’s free Monday series features Joshua Abrams’s Natural Information Society and Spires That in the Sunset Rise, which starts tonight at 9 PM. If that’s not your thing, there’s Ergs offshoot Black Wine at Township with excellent postpunk openers Meat Wave. Mike Reed’s People, Places & Things play on Tue 8/25 as part of this summer’s Tuesdays on the Terrace series at the MCA, while Arcade Fire play the first of two consecutive shows at United Center. And on Wed 8/27, the Dutchess & the Duke reunite at Empty Bottle with an opening set from Brian Case of Disappears.

Read on for some more picks from Reader critics, plus you can listen to our weekly “Best shows to see” Spotify playlist at the bottom of this post (you can also follow us on Spotify).

Tue 8/26: Third Coast Percussion at Saint James Cathedral

“At this concert, Chicago’s finest percussion group dedicated to new music will tackle Steve Reich’s 1985 piece Sextet with the help of keyboardists Amy Briggs and Daniel Schlosberg,” says Peter Margasak. “The 28-minute work reflects many of Reich’s most enduring and characteristic ideas; its short figures for tuned percussion (marimba, vibraphone, crotales) mesh with cyclical piano and synth phrases in shifting, hypnotic patterns, while bows applied to the mallet instruments create complementary long tones. Reich weaves this mix of stabbing and sustained pitches into a spinning wheel of constant, kaleidoscopic variation, with changes in tempo or instrumentation arriving suddenly yet fluidly. (The performance will require the members of Third Coast Percussion to navigate among the instruments onstage with balletic precision.)”

Wed 8/27: PS I Love You at Schubas

Canadian band PS I Love You play at Schubas this week. Leor Galil writes, “On their third album, the recent For Those Who Stay, Canadian duo PS I Love You shed much of the jittery, electrified riffage and out-of-body yelps that were to their catchy early material what a can of spinach is to Popeye. The new material is mostly mellow and easygoing, veering away from punk and toward the charmingly low-key indie of latter-day Clap Your Hands Say Yeah. The gentle guitar solos feel like rocking in a hammock made of clouds, and the richly textured synths of the title track only intensify the sensation—it’s a dreamy yacht-rock reverie that sails off into the sunset.”

Wed 8/27: T-Pain at Double Door

Auto-Tuned pop sensation T-Pain is at Double Door this week. “The last time T-Pain’s Auto-Tuned voice wriggled its way into the heart of the pop zeitgeist was in 2009, when the Florida rap-singer teamed up with the Lonely Island for ‘I’m on a Boat,'” says Leor Galil. “Its send-up of rap excess wouldn’t have been nearly as funny without T-Pain there to lend his signature robotic coo to the lines ‘Poseidon, look at me’ and ‘I fucked a mermaid.’ He did such a great job on it, in fact, that it turned into a huge drag on his career—the viral success of a song where he’s basically parodying himself helped cement his reputation as a one-note gimmick. But T-Pain’s time in the spotlight isn’t done just yet, and he’s reimagining himself by taking inspiration from LA’s ratchet scene. Shit-hot beat maker and ratchet architect DJ Mustard produced the first single from T-Pain’s forthcoming Stoicville: The Phoenix, a sparkling, low-key party tune called ‘Up Down (Do This All Day),’ and last year it debuted in the bottom half of the Billboard Hot 100.”