• Weedeater

Not a fan of Paul McCartney? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There’s more live music to catch during the first half of this week anyway.

Joe Pug plays a free show in Millennium Park today with opener Hurray for the Riff Raff, and rapper Casey Veggies play at Reggie’s on Tue 7/8. Jazz dudes Matt Ulery and Rob Mazurek perform a free show at the Polish Triangle on Tuesday evening as well, and Hurray the Riff Raff headlines at Space a day after their Millennium Park appearance. Local weirdos Ono, who’ve been on tour, return home for a headlining gig at Empty Bottle on Wed 7/9.

Top picks for other great shows happening around town are below, with some words from Reader writers.

Mon 7/7: Stirrup at the Charleston

Local jazz combo Stirrup play at corner tap the Charleston. Peter Margasak says, “This scrappy instrumental trio was born in 2009 as the rhythm section of the Horse’s Ha, the elegant folk-rock group fronted by Janet Bean and Jim Elkington. As Stirrup, though, cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm, bassist Nick Macri, and drummer Charles Rumback have a sound of their own. On their debut album, Sewn, hypnotic, unfussily pretty melodies unfold, roil, and mutate over churning ostinatos and shuffling, shape-shifting beats; everyone contributes at least one tune, though Lonberg-Holm wrote the majority.”

Tue 7/8: Geronimo! at Township

“Geronimo! guitarist and front man Kelly Johnson delivers the coup de grace of ‘1000 Realities,’ one of the best tracks on this Chicago band’s new Cheap Trick, by belting out ‘And it’s hard to see the future with all this shit in my eyes!’ That’s mostly the album’s message: Good luck getting older, because damn it, life sure is complicated, and with every year that passes it’s harder to envision a better future,” says Kevin Warwick. “The very next track, ‘Aging Sound,’ drives the point home: ‘You’ll never be younger than you are right now.’ Harsh reality! That’s not to say the trio writes woe-is-me deadpan rock—Geronimo! is at its best when Johnson is at his most furious, screaming along to buoyant, poppy 90s-flavored guitar that sits somewhere between The Colour and the Shape and early Trail of Dead.”

Wed 7/9: Weedeater at Reggie’s Rock Club

What kind of music do you think Weedeater plays? If you guessed stoner metal, then you’re right. “Southern boogie and mutant blues inflame Weedeater’s thick down-tuned riffs, and the album sometimes sounds like a Molly Hatchet LP at 16 RPM. Collins’s raspy vocals, meanwhile, make him sound like the kind of guy who loses appendages all the time. The goofy wit on display in album titles like . . . And Justice for Y’all and God Luck and Good Speed hasn’t gone anywhere—there are songs called ‘Turkey Warlock’ and ‘March of the Bipolar Bear’—and even if the gist of it is nothing more nuanced than ‘We’re rednecks and we like drugs’ (which was pretty obvious from the get-go), it’s gratifying to see somebody take such a jokey approach to this dire-sounding genre,” writes Monica Kendrick.