A wise article in the Tribune not only reminds people that listening to music too loud is going to kill their hearing, it also notes that anyone who buys a three-hundred-dollar mp3 player and sticks with the crappy iPod headphones is missing out:

“For someone to spend $300 on an iPod, he probably has the money to buy $125 pair of good sound-isolating headphones. I mean, hearing aids cost $5,000,” Fligor said.

I’m perpetually amazed by how many people I see on the bus every day toting pricey iPods connected to the mediocre included headphones. Seriously, skimp on the gigabytes and get some decent cans, otherwise you might as well have a Walkman.

As a side note, I suspect one of the million things that’s killing off classical music is that you can’t listen to it without in-ear or noise-canceling headphones. I originally went with the budget Shure in-ears because they were the only ones I could find that allowed me to listen to chamber music on public transportation. Slowing down my hearing loss was only a side benefit.

Bonus: The iPod onesie just gives me the fantods.