Like Troy, The New Colony theater company–which gave us James Asmus’s plucky Amelia Earhart Jungle Princess earlier this fall–is expecting a Greek siege. After listing the troupe’s first-year accomplishments, a press release issued Monday goes on to say the following:

With 2008 behind us, The New Colony is now putting their momentum behind their next production, Producing Director Evan Linder’s FRAT. Linder has spent the last year and a half cataloguing true stories from the Southern fraternity experience to create the narrative and characters for the production. The cast of eighteen actors completed workshops for FRAT this winter and Linder is finishing up the script for January’s rehearsals. But while most playwrights might worry about finishing in time, Linder has other matters on his mind. “I just hope this doesn’t become an administrative nightmare for the company,” said Linder at a recent meeting. Ever since The New Colony announced the inclusion of FRAT in their inaugural season, Linder has been answering concerned emails and calls from fraternity brothers around the country. He worries about the negative attacks the greek community might make against his production. “I’ve done a lot of research, and it looks like most attempts to expose the secret side of America’s fraternities are met with legal action or some sort of threat,” he noted. Asmus, also the company’s Marketing Director, responded: “Bring it on!” A sentiment that certainly fueled their stellar first year and ushers in a new one.