I’m very pleased to report Monday night that the Better Government Association has just hired John Conroy as senior investigator. Since Conroy, the reporter who for 20 years doggedly pursued Jon Burge and the grim, repellent story of police torture in Chicago, was laid off by the Reader three years ago, he’s become the national symbol of journalism’s failure to provide work any longer for its top people that pays a living wage.

But enough of that. He needed to be back at work and now he is. He’s part of what the BGA’s executive director, Andy Shaw, calls the reporting “dream team” he’s just put together. The new director of investigations is Bob Reed, former editor of Crain’s Chicago Business. The new investigative editor is Bob Herguth, who’s reported for Crain’s, the New York Times, the Sun-Times, and other publication. Conroy, I should add, is the author of acclaimed books on Northern Ireland and torture.

Andy Shaw’s a friend, as is Conroy. Shaw chose well.

Here’s the complete news release.