Ross Douthat at the American Scene has an interesting take on Michael Tanner’s new book from the Cato Institute, Leviathan on the Right

“The inconvenient truth, for writers like Tanner, is that anti-welfare state libertarianism remains enormously unpopular with American voters, and so fiscal libertarianism can only have a place at the political table if it weds itself to something like an Irving Kristol-style neoconservatism, and takes pride (as it should, given the correlation of forces pushing for ever-larger government) in keeping America’s public sector from swelling to the size of Europe’s, while seizing every opportunity — as in the welfare debates of the 1990s — to make the government that we do have run more smoothly.”

Hmmm, a conservative with a brain. This would explain why my extreme right-wing Congresscritter (involuntarily retired in November) always sent out literature that said, in essence, what can the government do for you? Dishonest, but wise politics.