If West Deerfield Township is representative, record numbers of voters are turning out in the North Suburban 10th Congressional District, where incumbent Mark Kirk is battling challenger Dan Seals. Voters were lined up when polls opened; by mid-morning there was brisk traffic, much higher than normal, but there were no lines. No problems with the lo-tech ballots either, except for those who never mastered coloring in the lines. At the 422nd Precinct, voting in the pool house at country-club-like Deerspring Park, about 60 people had queued up in the unseasonably warm morning air for the 6 AM opening; by 10 AM, the vote count was 578. A veteran official described that as “huge,” especially considering that “31 percent of Deerfield participated in early voting.” By 11 AM, baristas at Starbucks on Central Avenue in Highland Park had given away at least 100 free cups of coffee, along with samples of something new: peppermint mocha twist, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. Delicious, and a real change.