• Bigcolour’s Notes & Bolts single

Oh boy. After an especially wet and gross winter, summertime is finally back. And what better way to celebrate its arrival than to pile into a wet and gross DIY space on a Monday night? Now’s your chance: local space-pop four-piece Bigcolour plays Big Forever on Mon 5/6, and it’s one of the best signs of summer I can think of.

Bigcolour plays beautifully dreamy, psych-flavored pop, rich with layers of fuzz and warmth. Live, the band usually ups the rock-the-fuck-out factor, bringing the room into a frenzy of kids dancing and bopping along, but on record, as demonstrated on last year’s Your Body Doesn’t Like the Decisions Your Brain Makes, Vol. 2 tape, out on local label Teen River, things are more paced and deliberate. Calm, controlled tempos set the groundwork for spacey guitars, loopy synths, and melodic, forlorn vocals. These guys, without a doubt, create the prettiest, catchiest racket of any of the bands in this city’s sprawling psych world.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about local label Notes & Bolts and their tremendous output. Last month, they put out a seven-inch lathe-cut single for Bigcolour titled “I Hope No One Wants to Sleep With Me Tonight” (which is a thing I’ve heard few people wish for) and the song is just really, really great. Supercatchy, disjointed, weirdo pop. As with most Notes & Bolts releases, the single was superlimited and sold out right away, but you can give the track a listen after the jump.