If you’ve screwed up something big-time recently, I sympathize. This made me feel a bit better:

“Faulkner went back to the book and couldn’t figure it out so he cabled Chandler. Chandler replied angrily that it’s all in the novel and Faulkner should just look it up and see. When Faulkner persisted, Chandler went back to the book and realized, to his shock, that he had just forgotten to resolve the storyline. With the book [The Big Sleep] having gone through several printings, Hawks’s question–Who killed Owen Taylor?–was now an unknowable mystery. In six years, no other reader or editor or critic had even noticed.”

From Kevin Guilfoyle at The Outfit, which is hosting a sort of online book club for The Long Last Goodbye. For the record, The Big Sleep is my favorite noir film.

Update: Speaking of. . . .