It’s often painful to put together a cute bike-friendly outfit and get ready to pedal about European-style with flowers and a baguette from the farmers’ market in your wicker basket–only to top off your look a clunky skater-style helmet or, worse, the same aerodynamic tech-y looking headgear that Lance Armstrong wannabes wear. (Although it’s admittedly not as painful as a head injury.)

In my entrepreneurial dreams I have an idea to sew bike helmet covers out of cool fabrics and sell them on Etsy. In real life . . . well, if only there were an easy way to get one’s hands on Yakkay‘s fashionable–yes, I said fashionable–bike helmets, which look to be only available for sale in Europe. The helmet itself resembles a bowling ball sliced in half–nothing too exciting there. But you can switch out different head covers to transform it into a facsimile of a chic hat or an adorable cap. I am partial to the fuzzy Luzern, which looks like something you’d wear to tool around in Moscow, although the Tokyo, somewhere between a bucket hat and a pith helmet, is more appropriate for summer. The Cambridge and Paris covers look a lot like equestrian gear.

Besides not being available in the U.S., they’re not cheap–about $120.