Credit: Richard Masoner/Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0

Interesting thread at the excellent blog Balloon Juice, inspired by a new Colorado law that makes it illegal to throw things at cyclists (seriously). Numerous Chicagoans weigh in via the comments, which are fascinating. Logically or not, I’m more terrified of being injured intentionally when I’m biking.

It’s just mind-breaking, but commenter Doctor Science nails it:

“I think dismissing anti-biker-rage as ‘people are assholes’ is too simple, and as an explanation it doesn’t explain.

“I drive on roads (in semi-rural NJ) where there are a lot of bicyclists. I used to be one of them, until it got to be more dangerous than I was comfortable with.

“As a driver, cyclists scare me, they make me tense and wary, because I know how easy it would be for me to hurt them. I think there are a huge number of Americans whose reaction to being afraid, especially in their cars, is rage.”

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