See that? It’s the sun. Feel that? It’s an above-60-degree temperature. Sense that? Yeah, it’s still a headwind—don’t get greedy.

Bikes are officially back in season (if they ever actually left), and the novice’s hunt for a cheap and efficient alternative to the CTA just got easier. The Working Bikes Co-op (2434 S. Western) in Little Village/Pilsen is hosting a silent bike auction this Sunday, April 1, from 9 to 11 AM. The decade-old not-for-profit, which “rescues” stray and often mutilated bikes and fixes them up for sale, will be auctioning off 120 “classic” bikes altogether—some in OK shape, some in not-so-OK shape. You can check out the selection here and here. Cash and credit will both be accepted.

In other bike news, Eben Weiss (aka Bike Snob NYC) is in town today promoting his new book, The Enlightened Cyclist: Commuter Angst, Dangerous Drivers, and Other Obstacles on the Path to Two-Wheeled Transcendence. His visit includes a ride that begins at Tati Cycles (1013 E. 53rd) in Hyde Park at 6 PM and works its way to On the Route Bicycles (3144 N. Lincoln) in Lakeview for a discussion and book signing at 7:30 PM.