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So the big buzz in Washington this week is the rumors that Bill Daley will become Obama’s chief of staff, replacing the man who’s currently in the lead in polls to replace his brother as Chicago mayor. “Everyone, frankly, just seems to like him,” perhaps because when he’s hippie-punching about health care reform he says things like “the election of ’08 sent a message that after 30 years of center-right governing, we had moved to center left — not left” instead of “fucking retards.” He’s a deeply passionate crusader for vague, middle-of-the-road meta-centrism.

Ezra Klein boils it down: “The White House has felt the need for a CEO-type, and Daley is as close as any of the obvious candidates come. Among the arguments for him is that he can repair relations between the administration and business — but the cost of that private diplomacy will be the spectacle of a banker taking the top administrative job at the White House.*”

*This is perhaps overstating the case a bit. Daley has a total of nine years experience as a banker over two periods in his career in politics, law, and finance; Emanuel has about three. So it’s more like “the spectacle of someone with more experience in the finance industry and who currently works for JP Morgan etc.” Suggestions that the left will flip out—as opposed to continuing to be aggravated—seem exaggerated, given that the substantive ideological differences between Emanuel and Daley don’t appear particularly dramatic, if they exist at all.