• Benjamin Heckendorn

Maybe console modder Benjamin Heckendorn (aka Ben Heck) had a good reason to spend five years building a pinball machine solely devoted to the film roles of actor Bill Paxton, but I don’t even want to know what it was. Knowing why the machine exists would only taint the incredible mystery behind its creation.

Bill Paxton Pinball was completed in 2010 and features themes and artwork from a number of Bill Paxton classics—except for Twister, which already has a pinball identity. The machine includes a torpedo loader (U-571), a Jamie Lee Curtis Progress-o-Meter (True Lies), oxygen tank stirrers (Apollo 13), Heart of the Ocean Progress Lights (Titanic), a killer sun (Near Dark), sentry gun LED counters (Alien), a greasy pork sandwich light (Club Dread Weird Science), and a recrushable Hamm’s can (Frailty).