Bartlett Durand at Black Earth Meats

You read a story and then you never find out what happened afterwards. But not this time—today, I’m going to look back at some of my stories from this past year and follow up on them. Possibility for pundit’s personal embarrassment at things that were said? Very high!

First up: Black Earth Meats, an artisanal meat producer that was chased out of the meat business in its hometown, did not succeed in raising the six-figure goal for its Kickstarter, and thus could not collect on the amount, but it has another one for a smaller amount which will help it move some of its equipment to a new facility.

• Meanwhile, the subject of other half of my two-part series on meat troubles in Wisconsin, Bolzano Meats in Milwaukee, is out of the meat business and now in the teaching-people-to-butcher-their-own-meat business; their classes in charcuterie begin next year.

• Stephanie Hart didn’t become the next Food Network Star as I’d predicted. In fact, the owner of Brown Sugar Bakery wound up being the first contestant on Holiday Baking Championship to be eliminated; the episode was mostly about cookies, not cakes, so she was a bit out of her comfort zone. But her bakery remains your comfort zone, and somebody ought to give her another shot at TV—she has loads of personality.

• Speaking of Kickstarters, Car Con Carne did succeed with theirs (considerably more modest than Black Earth Meats’), and continues to do hilarious shows about barbecue. The one about Barbara Ann’s and the one with Amy Guth talking about the drunken craziness that is late night River North are especially hilarious (and very not safe for radio—NSFWGN?)

• When I wrote about Larry Tucker’s Crazy Bird, he was doing chicken and just thinking about barbecue. Well, it’s now on the menu on weekends, according to Steve Dolinsky.

Paul Fehribach’s The Big Jones Cookbook now has a publication date and can currently be preordered.

• And reaching way back to November 2013, when I enjoyed a Filipino underground dinner cooked by Yana Gilbuena, I had my doubts that she would really cook Filipino dinners in all 50 states. (Where would you find the ingredients in North Dakota?) But following her on Facebook, I’ve seen her pop up (so to speak) all over the country, and most recently she cooked in Nashville . . . her 38th state to date. As for the venue where she held that initial Chicago dinner—well, I explained all that here.