Rod Blagojevich’s latest infamous quote – about which I can only be surprised that he can even manage to screw up a SOP reference to a hardscrabble upbringing – is hamfisted and idiotic, as we have come to expect, but it’s not really any worse than the Esquire author’s participation in the Blagojevich Rehabilitation Carnival and Traveling Show:

In New Jersey, where I live, some yutz named Jon Corzine made his political debut by spending $60 million of his own cash to buy a Senate seat in 2000, followed the next year by another political tyro, Mike Bloomberg, forking over $70 million for the mayoralty of New York City. So ten years later, figure a Senate seat may be worth $100 million. Giving a Chicago politician naming rights to that seat, what the hell would any sentient American adult expect that pol to do?