The closest thing to the Black Lips‘ hyper-jangly “flower punk” is early Rolling Stones. But it took the Stones playing Altamont for their live reputation to live up to the dangerous image they projected, while the Lips have been a menace from the start. The willingness of the band’s members to cut themselves, piss in each others’ mouths, and basically be a hazard to any people or inanimate objects around them in the name of entertainment has earned them a deservedly rabid following–like if G.G. Allin was fun rather than depressing and gross. So it makes sense that their first recording for Vice is a live disc, and that it was recorded in Tijuana, possibly the only city with as sleazy and unsafe a reputation as the band’s. I got Los Valentes del Mundo Nuevo yesterday, and it’s a ripper. Spectacle aside, the Black Lips are a hella good band, with some outrageously catchy songs and the chops to keep it together in the midst of all the chaos they generate. And Hot Snakes/Drive Like Jehu/Rocket From the Crypt alumnus John Reis ran the recording, which means that it sounds amazing. The record doesn’t come out until February, but Vice has a teaser track up here. Cheap Trick’s Live at Budokan probably has nightmares that sound like this.