With all of the stuff taking up my attention today, I almost missed that the Black Lips just announced a tour of the Middle East. This tour is great on a couple of levels—like how there are a lot of young rock fans in the region, where being a rock fan can still get you in trouble and is therefore way, way more rebellious and dangerous than rock ‘n’ roll has been in America in half a century (and they don’t even get to see that many bands). There’s also the extreme likelihood that the Black Lips’ jaunt through the Middle East will turn out like their 2009 trip to India, where they had to race the local police across state lines to avoid being arrested and thrown in a hellhole of a jail, then flee the country on the next plane out—which was, at least from a distant spectator’s perspective, extremely entertaining in a “Smokey and the Bandit meets the Hozac Blackout with a dash of Midnight Express” kind of way.

The tour starts September 14 in Amman, Jordan, and other dates include Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Iraq (where the band has two shows); it ends October 6 in Beirut. Presuming of course that the Black Lips aren’t jailed or targeted by a drone attack first. Actually they might want to check and make sure they’re not on Obama’s kill list before they go. It’s entirely possible.