Having gone over the numbers several times, I still can’t get over the rock-solid support black Chicago gave President-elect Barack Obama in Tuesday’s elections.

The pollsters coming in to the election predicted Obama would win at least 90 percent of the black vote nationwide. But in Chicago it was over 99 percent — at least in the five wards that are almost 100 percent black. To be exact, he won 99.27 percent of the vote in the 6th Ward, 99.19 percent in the 8th, 99.24 percent in the 21st, 99.21 percent in the 24th, and 99.40 percent in the 34th. 

By my count, Obama won 100 percent of the vote in 59 precincts. His best was the 57th Precinct of the far-south-side 34th Ward, where he captured all 563 votes. Even the great Harold Washington didn’t rack up this much support in his 1983 triumph over Bernie Epton

Too bad we don’t see this kind of spirit and mobilization in mayoral elections.