Update: Hung jury on all but the most boring count, which is making a false statement to the FBI about not tracking or caring who gives him the money, according to WBEZ; 23 counts remain in hands of an apparently ambivalent God. Former prosecutor Patrick Deady is really interesting, worth tuning in. MOAR BLAGO!!!

Rich Miller: “What’s kinda bizarre is that last week the jurors declared that they had reached agreement on two counts. Now, it’s just one. Weird.”

Ladies and gentlemen, what Rod Blagojevich is guilty of, via WBEZ’s guide to the charges:

False Statement 2 (“ROD BLAGOJEVICH does not track, or want to know, who contributes to him or how much they are contributing to him.”)

and possibly:

False Statement 1 (“ROD BLAGOJEVICH has tried to maintain a firewall between politics and government.”)

Translation: he’s guilty of saying he doesn’t do stuff that in the case of FS 1 every politician does, and in the case of FS 2, something we get pissed at politicians when they don’t do it. And the sentence will be saying two Hail Marys.


Hey, there he is: “The money we’re going to spend on a retrial… shouldn’t we give that to the people of Illinois?”

Everyone on Twitter seems to be mad at the jury. Can’t we all be mad at the Supreme Court for making being an asshole legal?

Fitz spoke briefly and didn’t have anything of note to say. First question to him? “Is it worth the taxpayers’ money to retry?” +1 Sam Adamses.

Shorter Sam Adams Jr: Think of the dead children! [That’s how it’s done.]

It’s in.

I’ve got the WGN feed running in the background—and lots and lots of Twitter updates popping up every which way—on which I was told that the anxiousness is due to it being a “long trial… two and a half months.” But with George Ryan, the jury was selected in September of 2005 and the verdict was delivered in April of 2006. 2 1/2 months strikes me as being within the ballpark for a trial of this complexity.

If you feel like saying a few words, or if you wonder what @governorrod thinks of Harry Potter:

Just heard report on what is being said on Twitter about what’s happening at the courtroom, which turns out to be reporters twittering about what is happening at the courtroom. #MobiusReporting.

Will honest services play a role? Will the “if he’s full of shit, you must acquit” gambit succeed? Only the next few very long minutes will tell.