Hey, it’s him!

“Not guilty of any criminal wrongdoing… will fight this every step of the way.” Wants to address this in court, etc.


“Kind of lonely right now.” But he has the truth on his side.

Blago’s lawyer Sam Adam, Jr.: We want a witness list, the tapes, etc. One agenda: health care! Sick children!

If the people of Illinois are suffering, he’ll step aside. I dunno if we’re “suffering,” per se, but we don’t think you’re a good governor, criminal complaint or no.

Chill about the Senate seat–let the gov breathe. Let him get back to what he does best, which is governing. BUT HE’S NOT GOOD AT THAT.

“Point out one single action to me… maybe there was talk.” That is going to be sticky.

Sheldon Sorosky: People hated Truman, too.

Sorosky isn’t especially good at answering questions. Clearly knows Adam wants to jump in at every moment.

Adam: The quotes in the complaint are out of context. HE’S NOT GOING TO APOLOGIZE FOR FIGHTING FOR SICK CHILDREN. Back away from that meme, trust me.

And we’re done!