And others will be the walking dead, at least dead to their families, after they dump their entire paychecks into video poker machines that the state government plans to use to recover some of the billions that Blago wasted.

John Kass makes a point I’ve tried to make before – that Rod Blagojevich’s post-indictment Funemployment Tour and Vaudeville Show is, at root, a craven attempt to… well, not rebuild his image exactly, but to soften it: I’m not a crook, just sort of a doofus. Kass adds needed gravity to the situation; keep his column in the back of your mind when the case goes to trial.

I especially like the part about the book signing at the U of C, which unnerved my wife, who is a student there. If you could harness irony, you could have powered a train with it. Ick.

I also like Steve Rhodes’s take: “It’s no secret that I’m a John Kass fan, even though his views often drive me crazy when he ventures beyond city and state politics. But nobody does what he does in this city. And nobody writes the way he does. That part of his craft, I think, is vastly underrated. “