This weekend I was clobbered by the same nasty cold that’s victimized many of my friends and coworkers over the past few weeks. As the pile of used Kleenex grows and grows and I look forward to my next dose of decongestant, few ideas for blog posts can penetrate my clogged cerebellum.

But I did have one: Yesterday I was all set to link to a stream of Sonic Youth’s July 4 concert at Battery Park in New York, hosted by WFMU’s wonderful blog, but when I tested the stream myself I got nothing. Today the station explained that a technical glitch intervened, but they assure us that the stream will be available soon. If you get it to work before I do, let me know. I’ll be the guy who’s all dazed.

Today’s playlist:

Pixinguinha, O Jovem Pixinguinha—Gravações de 1919 a 1920 (EMI, Brasil)
Brian Blade & the Fellowship Band, Season of Changes (Verve)
Zhang Hong Yan, Ambush on All Sides (Channel of China)
Bülent, Benilme Oynar Misin (World Psychedelia Ltd.)
Luiz Bonfa, The Brazilian Scene (Verve)