• The Blisters, at Booth One

I told the story a month ago of Michelle DiGiacomo, woman in trouble. For the past many years DiGiacomo has operated a charity that collects letters to Santa from needy Chicago schoolchildren and turns them over to Good Samaritans who bring the kids presents. DiGiacomo suffers from a variety of chronic ailments, which are eased, she says, by medical marijuana. But in September, when she picked up a large shipment from California at a UPS outlet and brought it home, she was followed by Chicago police who barged in, confiscated the pot, and put her in cuffs.

Friends rallied round. Among the friends are Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy, his wife Susan, and their son Spencer. Spencer took the lead. He established a website headlined “Michelle DiGiacomo Needs Our Help,” and it raised a little over $2,300. And this Sunday, November 18, Spencer’s band, the Blisters, will headline a benefit at the Beat Kitchen, 2100 W. Belmont.

“She faces enormous legal fees and is struggling to stay afloat, yet she continues to run the charity she founded, Direct Effect Charities,” says Spencer in an e-mail. Tickets are $10 online or at the door.