Here’s a list of common glitches and other notes I’ve collected from users in the past week:

Body copy:
When you convert a string of words to a link just before a punctuation mark, the system inserts a space between the last linked word and the punctuation mark.

Bullet points interact poorly with images–they overlap a little.

Using bullet points sometimes screws up the amount of space between the bullet pointed passage and whatever comes before it/after it.

Sometimes a return doesn’t translate to a blank line space in the viewable blog entry.

RSS Summary:
The system doesn’t accept changes to the RSS Summary field while in Awaiting Approval mode unless it’s the last thing you do. If you change the RSS summary and then do something else and then save, it doesn’t save your change to the RSS field.

Is there a way to make it not capitalize each tag? Some things look dumb capped.

Also, if a tag includes an apostrophe-s, it capitalizes the S

Lately the “remove tag” button hasn’t been working.

Sometimes when you hit Save it goes to the same screen you’d get if you’d hit Save and View.

It doesn’t seem like you can stay signed in–if you leave the blog management system you have to log back in again when you come back.