Friend of the Food Chain Martha Bayne tipped me off to an interesting newish food blog resurrecting the recipes of Chicago’s once dominant cookbook empire, the Culinary Arts Institute, and its mysterious director Ruth Berolzheimer, whom I wrote about last November. After reading the article, SAIC writing instructor Terri Griffith launched 250 Potato Possibilities to explore CAI recipes from classics such as The Ground Meat Cookbook and 250 Tasty Snacks, which she’s been borrowing from the state academic library system. Kind of an Alinea at Home for pre-US of Arugula cookery, the blog is part of Griffith’s research for a novel based on the CAI and Berolzheimer, according to Martha.

Her very first recipe for Frank n’ Potato pie from The American Family Cookbook was a hit at a dinner party, as were meat muffins from 250 Ways to Prepare Meat, though Pots de Creme Chocolat from 150 Delectable Dessert Recipes was something of a bust.

Incidentally, someone has scanned the entire Ground Meat Cookbook and posted it online.