David Honeyboy Edwards

  • David “Honeyboy” Edwards

Back when I worked at Jazz Record Mart in the late 80s and early 90s and I was immersing myself in the blues, I yearned to hear acoustic bluesmen who were more than quaint, folksy simulacra of a long-gone era. I got my wish in 1988 when Earwig Records released White Windows, a raw solo collection by singer and guitarist David “Honeyboy” Edwards. I saw him a few times after the record came out and I felt a real charge: here was one of the last links to the originators of the Delta blues, right in front of me. Edwards died in his sleep yesterday at age 96. He played his last gigs back in April at a blues festival in Clarksdale, Mississippi, not too far from where he grew up. Anyone paying attention probably knew that he gigged relentlessly.