According to City Pulse, an alternative newspaper in Lansing, Michigan, two veterans of Lansing’s BoarsHead Theater have canceled plans to perform there next season in protest against BoarsHead’s firing of artistic director Kristine Thatcher. Actors John Peakes and Carmen Decker had been expected to appear in Beau Jest, a comedy by James Sherman.

As previously noted here, Thatcher—well known in Chicago as an actor and playwright—learned on May 28 that the BoarsHead board would not renew her contract, which expires August 31. Reportedly, the theater decided it could not afford two top-level staffers, and Thatcher was considered more expendable than executive director John Dale Smith.

City Pulse quoted Peakes, a former BoarsHead artistic director himself, saying, “I think they’ve done absolute violation to the theater by firing Kristine, who was the muscle. I just don’t think it’s going in the right direction; I don’t particularly want to be up there in that environment.”

A sidelight: Thatcher and Sherman are both members of the Victory Gardens Theater playwrights ensemble, and the play currently running at Boarshead, Bluff, starring John Astin, is the work of another playwrights ensemble member: Jeffrey Sweet.