• A screen shot of the “Melba’s Call” video

On Friday London-based DJ, producer, and Night Slugs label cofounder Bok Bok comes to Primary. Night Slugs is one of the most prominent and consistent labels in underground electronic music—the music released on the label, often under such misnomers as “dubstep,” sounds more like Loose Ends or Control-era Janet Jackson instrumentals than Burial or Shackleton. The connection to late-80s and early-90s R&B has never been more prominent than in the music of the label’s most mainstream-ready artist, Kelela, whose trip-R&B singing is ideal for the production styles of Night Slugs’ roster (which includes Girl Unit, Kingdom, and Jam City). The triumph of that union has rarely, if ever, been as strong as on “Melba’s Call,” a single Bok Bok released last year featuring Kelela. The latter’s vocals sensually snake through the Bok Bok’s skidding rhythms and flickering, glitzy keyboards, an unsettling bedrock grounded by Kelela’s poised performance. Check out the video for “Melba’s Call,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, below.