Today is chef Giuseppe Tentori’s first day on the job at Boka–a swanky, loungy place on North Halsted–and when I called the restaurant earlier I was told that they were still finalizing the menu. It’s now been unveiled, and it’s about what you’d expect from a nine-year veteran of Charlie Trotter’s, where Tentori was chef de cuisine: creative, ambitious, and filled with seasonal and organic thises and thats (you can get a side of braised organic carrots). I was struck by some of the more unusual options–you don’t see pheasant very often. Here it’s crusted with coriander and served with Yukon Gold mashed potatoes, cippolini onions, and brussels sprouts leaves. Yukon Gold potatoes also turn up in a soup that sounds intriguing, packed as it is with smoked sturgeon, Fuji apples, and a poached organic egg. Then there’s stuffed squid, a whole roasted quail, veal cheeks, a beef tenderloin served with licorice-braised short ribs, and duck breast with gnocchi, garlic confit, and a truffle jus. Starters are $9-$11; entrees range from $20 (for the sole vegetarian option, a vegetable papillote) to $35 (for that tenderloin), with most hovering in the mid-to-upper $20s. Along with the menu revamp the space has been redone–“warmed up,” says co-ower Kevin Boehm. “And we fixed up the bathrooms.”