My friend Krystal has an uncanny ability to go to any city and find the coolest people and best artists living there. She could probably go to the blighted Rust Belt hole that I grew up near and find someone making post-shoegaze electro-noise or earth art or exquisitely crafted recycled-glass bongs or something. It’s just what she does.

Anyhow she’s been in London for a while, and the other day she told me she’s friends with this band called Male Bonding that just signed to Sub Pop. And of course I checked them out and they’re great, with a fun-punk vibe—the kind of thing that No Age and Abe Vigoda and some other people have been busy spreading around the globe like some kind of Johnny Happyseeds—and a bunch of good songs with really solid hooks. I’m definitely looking forward to their Sub Pop debut.

And also they still play smallish warehouse parties in Hackney, which is just what I want them to do. Video after the jump.