Last years model: inverted waffles at ING

  • Michael Boyd
  • Last year’s model: “inverted” waffles at ING

Mike Sula was one reviewer who never bought into last year’s opening hype about ING. On the contrary, Sula found mad genius Homaro Cantu’s Moto spinoff ultimately “irritatING.” But he did take a fancy to the restaurant’s “inverted” waffles dessert (i.e., frozen waffle mousse topped with a butter pat of mango sorbet), calling it “reminiscent of the work of Moto’s great pastry chef Ben Roche.”

Now Baume & Brix, which “soft opened” last night, reunites Roche with fellow Cantu proteges Thomas Bowman (ex-ING and its predecessor, Otom) and chef de cuisine Nate Park (previously right-hand man at ING). Housed in the former Rumba space just east of the river on Hubbard, it’s a gargantuan enterprise offering multiple “experiences,” from Explore (shared plates) and Summit (entrees) to Divide (family-style meals) and Conquer (dessert). “PREPARE FOR SOME SERIOUS TASTE ENTERTAINMENT” says B&B’s website, adding, “Taste-tainment = Delectable Marketing! LOVE it!”